EASD has started!

In a filled up Joslin Hall at the Fira Barecelona, President of the EASD, Professor Dadvid Matthews welcomed all of us and opened the meeting. He showed a picture of this city’s most famous tourist attraction, the basilica La Sagrada Familias and made the pionts that, just as diabetes research; the basilica has no straight lines and it is still under construction and development more than 100 years after it was started.

Two posters and two oral presentations from Oslo Diabetes Research Center were presented today.


Paz Ruiz, working at the National Institute of Public Health presented her work “Pandemic influenza: vaccination, hospitalisation and mortality in people with and without type 2 diabetes” and in a parallel session, Gunn Helen Moen, at present post.doc in Brisbane, Australia, presented her work “Maternal glucose and DNA methylation in maternal blood: an epigenome-wide association study.

In an oral session with six presentation called “Prediction of vascular complications in type 1 diabetes”, Kari Anne Sveen and Kristine Bech Holte presented their works, respectively entitled “Autoantibodies against methylglyoxal modified ApoB100 and ApoB100 peptide are associated with less coronary artery atherosclerosis in long-term type 1 diabetes” and “Coronary artery disease is common in very long-term type 1 diabetes: associations with the collagen oxidation product methionine sulfoxide and the AGE glucuronidine/LW-1”.