Thea Anine Strøm Halden

Position: PhD
Place of work: Department of Transplant Medicine, Section of Nephrology, Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet / University of Oslo
E-mail: t.a.s.halden@medisin.uio.no
Phone: +47 41 62 35 02

Current research focus

My Research Field is Post-Transplantation Diabetes Mellitus (PTDM). Renal transplant recipients die prematurely due to cardiovascular disease and PTDM is a pivotal risk factor in the cardiovascular risk of these patients. It is therefore major focus on finding ways to prevent and reduce this risk.

Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet has one of the worlds largest single center cohorts of renal transplant recipients that enables well-controlled studies to be performed. The PhD project aims to have clinical impact on the treatment of renal transplant recipients, e.g. better understanding of the origin (insulin/glucagon balance) and impact of hyperglycemia in organ transplanted patients, as well as optimal treatment of PTDM.