Group description: 

Research focus

  • The Diabetic Nephropathy and Transplantation research group assembles the research activity of three senior researchers and their respective research groups. There is an extensive collaboration between these research groups.

    • Trond Jenssen. Cardiovascular disease and diabetes after organ transplantation. Clinical pancreas and islet transplantation.

    • Svein O. Kolset. Extracellular matrix changes in the diabetic kidney.

    • Hanne Scholz. Islet cell transplantation: Improvement and optimization of islet isolation, transplantation and clinical outcome.



    Trond Jenssen

    1. Posttransplant diabetes mellitus (PTDM). Occurrence, pathogenesis, risk factors, follow-up and treatment.

    2. Improvement of kidney graft and patient survival in renal transplant patients.

    3. Clinical outcome and improvement of beta cell replacement therapy (pancreas and islet transplantation).


    1. Svein O Kolset

    2. Studies on early markers of kidney changes in patients with hyperglycemia (type 1 diabetes) and restored normoglycemia (pancreas transplantation).  Studies on syndecan shedding and changes in renal proteome and matrisome.

    3. Syndecans as disease markers in population-based studies. Extracellular matrix changes due to experimental diabetic conditions in human glomerular endothelial cells.

    Hanne Scholz

    1. Improvements of pancreatic islet isolation techniques and evaluation of isolated human islets.

    2. Cellular intervention to improve beta cell replacement.

    3. Regenerative/repair of the endocrine compartment of the pancreas using adult stem cells.

    4. Development of 3D bioprinting of biomimetic pancreas to treat diabetes.

      Group members

      Trond Jenssen, Professor OUS RH

      Hanne Scholz, PhD, Leading researcher, University of Oslo

      Svein O Kolset, Professor, University of Oslo

      Jørn Petter Lindahl, MD, OUS RH

      Anders Hartmann, Professor, University of Oslo

      Karsten Midtvedt, MD PhD, OUS RH

      Simen Schive, MD, PhD student, University of Oslo

      Shadab Abadpour MSc, postdoc, University of Oslo

      Marit Elizabeth von Düring, PhD student, University of Oslo

      Espen Nordheim, MD, PhD student, OUS RH

      Rasmus Kirkeskov Carlsen, PhD student, University of Oslo