The program includes presentations of a number of new and important studies that have evaluated the long term effects of glucose lowering agents, like the REWIND trial (Researching CV Events with a Weekly Incretin in Diabetes), designed to test the long-term cardiovascular effect of dulaglutide in a lower risk group of 9,901 people, and the CAROLINA (Cardiovascular Safety of Linagliptin) trial, that is the longest cardiovascular outcome trial so far and the only one with a head-to-head active comparator design, testing in a randomized, double-blind fashion the CV safety of a DDP-4 inhibitor (linagliptin) vs. a sulfonylurea (glimepiride), both widely used as monotherapy or as add-on therapy to metformin.

Presentations from Oslo Diabetes Research Centre include an abstract entitled “Cardiorenal disease is the most common first CV manifestation in type 2 diabetes and associated with increased mortality: a large multinational observational study», that will be presented by Kåre I. Birkeland