Dag Helge Frøisland

Position: MD. Pediatric endocrinologist. PhD Student
Place of work: Paediatric Dept. Innlandet Hospital Lillehammer, and Lillehammer University College, PO Box 952, N-2604 Lillehammer, Norway
E-mail: dag.froisland@hil.no
Phone: +47 61 27 24 89


Current research focus

Quality of life and psychosocial factors in childhood diabetes

Children and adolescents with diabetes – present state and future possibilities – A population-based study of factors affecting competences and treatment results in children and adolescents with Type I diabetes. 

This project is part of a larger study; “The Norwegian Childhood Diabetes Registry” a prospective population-based study in Norway regarding children and adolescents with diabetes. The project is parted in three. The key question is how prevalent mental health problems in terms of depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorders and eating disorders are among the young diabetes population. The study also examine the possibility of a genetic component regarding co-morbidity and try to reveal how such co-morbidities are associated with quality of life and metabolic control, and if or how they are amenable to intervention.

Other projects:
Serotonin receptor mutations, psychological state and metabolic control in childhood diabetes.