Group description: 

Research focus

The main research focus in this population-based, nationwide childhood-onset diabetes registry:                                                                                                                                                      1) Epidemiology in childhood-onset diabetes, focusing on incidence, prevalence, classification of childhood-onset diabetes in Norway, ethnicity and long-term complications and mortality.                                                                                                                            

 2) Quality in childhood diabetes care – a nationwide prospective population-based study for research and quality improvement by means of benchmarking. 

3) Clinical childhood diabetes, especially focusing on quality of life, diabetes treatment, co-morbidity, eating disorders and the transition from paediatric to adult diabetes care.      


Ongoing studies                                                                                                                                                                    

 1. How do young people with T1DM experience transition from pediatric to adult health care?                          

2. Classification of childhood-onset diabetes in Norway. To assess the epidemiology of different forms of diabetes and to classify incident cases on the basis of family history, clinical data, C-peptide, autoantibodies and HLA-genotypes.                                                                                                                                                                    

 3. The incidence of severe hypoglycaemia in children with T1D in Norway and in the Nordic countries.

4. The PAGE study (Prediction of Autoimmune diabetes and celiac disease in childhood by Genes and perinatal Environment).

5. Hypoglycemia in children and adolescents with T1D. To determine the prevalence of IAH (Impaired Awareness of Hypoglycemia). Population-based, nationwide study.                                                                  

6. International HbA1c benchmarking in T1D: Do we need HbA1c variation in addition to average Hb1Ac values?  International joint project.

7. Prevalence of monogenic diabetes in NCDR estimated by targeted deep sequencing. Treament implications?

8. The EURODIAB collaborative group established in 1988, 44 centers representing most European countries and Israel. To study the epidemiology of childhood-onset T1D in Europe.

9. Cardiovascular disease and end-stage renal disease in type 1 diabetes with onset before 15 years of age and long duration.

10. Developing and validation of a Norwegian PREM tool for childhood onset T1D.    

11. Incidence of diabetes ketoacidosis at the onset of childhood onset T1D in children in the Nordic countries in the period 2010-2014.

12. Long-Term Sulfonylurea Response in KCNJ11 Neonatal Diabetes (SuResponsKIR)

13. Do different treatment options influence clinical parameters in childhood diabetes? An observational study based on data from the Norwegian Childhood Diabetes Registry. 

14. Children and adolescents with type 1 diabetes and ADHD.

15. EU-IMI 2. NCDR is part of the INNODIA consortium.  

Group members:

Torild Skrivarhaug, Ass. Professor, MD, PhD

Geir Joner, Professor, MD, PhD

Knut Dahl-Jørgensen, Professor, MD, PhD

Lars Christian Stene, PhD, senior researcher, Norwegian Institute for Public Health

Vibeke Gagnum, MD, PhD

Siv Janne Kummernes R.N., diabetes nurse, MSc

Ann Kristin Drivvoll, MSc

Dag Helge Frøisland, MD, PhD

Line Wisting, PhD, postdoc

Maryam Saeed, MD, PhD student

Håvard Hatle, MD, PhD student

Heiko Bratke, MD, PhD student

Per Thorsby, MD, PhD

Kristin Hodnekvam, MD, researcher

Nina Gjerlaugsen, MSc

Egil Midtlyng, M.Psychol.

Kristin Andersen Bakke, MD

Yusman Kamaleri, PhD, statistician