Anne Karen Jenum

Position: Professor
Place of work: University of Oslo, Faculty of Medicine, Institute of Health and Society, Department of General Practice
E-mail: a.k.jenum@medisin.uio.no
Phone: +47 9181416


Diabetes and related health issues in primary care - Anne Karen Jenum
Type 2 diabetes and metabolism - Kåre I. Birkeland

Current research focus

Research focus: We apply a life course approach in our research into the causation, care and prevention of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular complications, especially when studying social and ethnic differences in health. The group members have a diverse professional background, facilitating synergies and convergence in research. Our group has two main areas of research, both originating from observations in primary care of the epidemic of diabetes, its different faces and the need to develop culturally sensitive interventions due to the demographic transition in Norway to a multiethnic country:

  1. The Diabetes Care group – working with the epidemic of type 2 diabetes, its complication and the quality of diabetes care in a multiethnic society and strategies for prevention.

  2. The Mother and Child Health group – working with the developmental origin of health and disease, not least type 2 diabetes and gestational diabetes, in a Norwegian mother, father and child multiethnic cohort.

We have performed cross-sectional and cohort studies, qualitative studies, an RCT using new technology, and are involved in developing culturally sensitive interventions in primary care. Through 2016 we have included new members, increased the number of subprojects and further strengthened our international collaboration.