Group description: 

Research focus

We focus on epidemiological studies, clinical observational studies, randomized clinical trials and translational research in obesity, prediabetes, gestational diabetes, metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. We design and conduct our own studies, but also participate in international multi-center studies, both researcher initiated and studies sponsored by pharmaceutical companies, (phase II-IV studies).

Our aim is to contribute to prevention and improved therapy for diseases related to overweight and physical inactivity, primarily type 2 diabetes and its complications. To achieve this, we search for etiological factors in disease development through hypothesis-generating epidemiological and observational studies and seek to test the hypotheses in mechanistic and randomized, controlled clinical trials. We aim to publish our results in internationally well recognized scientific journals, and present at national and international meetings. We also engage in popular scientific publishing to increase knowledge in the public about our own and other group’s research. We collaborate closely and partly overlap with Anne Karen Jenum’s group on the STORK-Groruddalen studies, with Elisabeth Qvigstad/Tore Henriksen/Jens Bollerslev’s group on the STORK-Rikshospitalet studies and with Cecilie Wium’s group at the Lipid Clinic.

Our special focus for the coming years will be on:

  • genetics and epigenetics in gestational diabetes

  • diabetes in immigrants

  • molecular mechanisms for insulin resistance related to adiposity, inflammation and the effect of physical exercise and diet

  • large register-based epidemiological studies in type 2 diabetes


  1. Metaflammation – transition from healthy to unhealthy obesity

  2. The FIBERDIA – a randomized controlled trial of the effects of probiotics on  glucose metabolism

  3. The DIASA (Diabetes in South Asians) research program

  4. The DAPHNE- , DISCOVER- and DIAFLU studies focusing on large epidemiological register studies of type 2 diabetes in Norway and a substudy of the HUNT-study focusing on anthropometric indices and cardiovascular end-points

  5. Genetic and epigenetic sub-projects under the STORK and STORK-Groruddalen studies

  6. The 4B study: The effect of bariatric surgery on bone marrow fat and glucose metabolism in subjects with type 2 diabetes and morbid obesity

  7. The MyoGlu-study – molecular mechanisms for the insulin sensitizing effects of exercise

  8. 10 year follow up of subjects after bariatric surgery with focus on the prevalence of diabetes and metabolic risk factors

Group members
Kåre I. Birkeland, Professor, MD, PhD

Anne Karen Jenum, Professor, MD, PhD

Anne-Marie Aas, Associate Professor, PhD

Anh Thi Tran, MD, PhD, postdoc

Anne-Pernille Ofstad, MD, PhD

Archana Sharma, MD, PhD student

Cecilie Wium, MD, PhD, consultant, postdoc

Christine Sommer, PhD, postdoc

Christin W. Waage, PhD, postdoc

Eline Birkeland, PhD student

Elisabeth Qvigstad, MD, PhD, consultant

Gunn-Helen Moen, MSc, PhD student

Hanne Løvdal Gulseth, MD, PhD, senior researcher

Hilde Risstad, MD, PhD

Ingvild K. Blom-Høgestøl, MD, PhD student

Julia Onsrud Opsahl, Forskerlinjen, Faculty of Medicine

Kirsti Bjerkan, MSc

Line Sletner, MD, PhD, researcher

Ole Elvebakk, MD, PhD student

Paz Lopez-Doriga Ruiz, MD, PhD student

Sedegheh Gharagzlian, PhD

Sindre Lee-Ødegaard, Forskerlinjen, Faculty of Medicine

Susanna E. Hanvold, MSc, PhD

Åse Ruth Eggemoen, MD, PhD, postdoc 

Åse Halsne, research nurse

Kjersti Gjems Vanberg, master student, UiO

Kristine Duus Molven, master student, UiO

Oda Kristine Smestu Holm, master student UiO

Sander Rismyr, master student  UiO

Nadia Kiryushchenko, master student UiO

May-Helen Nyland Espenes, medical student project, UiO

Anne Marthe Brobakk Hansen, medical student project, UiO

Hilde Gjesdalen, medical student project, UiO