Trond Jenssen

Position: Professor, Consultant
Place of work: Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet
E-mail: trond.jenssen@rikshospitalet.no
Phone: +47 23 07 36 46


Diabetic nephropaty and transplantation - Trond Jenssen

Current research focus

Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet is the only center for organ transplantation in Norway, serving a background population of 4.5 million persons. As such, we are the largest transplantation center in Europe, and one of the five largest transplantation centers in the world. Our research group focuses on three main areas in transplantation research:

  1. Characterization, prevention and treatment of New-Onset Diabetes Mellitus (NODM) after organ transplantation. Some 40% of our renal transplant patients develop diabetes or glucose intolerance after organ transplantation.

  2. Development of a safe and efficacious method for islet cell transplantation in type 1 diabetes patients with brittle diabetes. We are collaborating with research groups at Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden, and Karolinska University Hospital, Sweden.

  3. Follow-up of long-term effects after whole-organ pancreas and/or kidney transplantation in diabetic patients.