Sara Salehi Hammerstad

Position: Endocrinologist MD. PhD student
Place of work: Dept of Endocrinology, Oslo University Hospital, Aker
E-mail: s.s.hammerstad@medisin.uio.no
Phone: +47 22 89 40 00


Childhood diabetes - Knut Dahl-Jørgensen

Current research focus

Virus, genetics and autoimmunity in thyroiditis. A biopsy study.

 Summary of the project:
The aim of this study is to verify whether viruses may cause thyroid dysfunction in genetically predisposed patients. Thyroid biopsies will be performed to study whether a virus infection is present, to isolate the viruses and possibly its receptors.

Detect viruses and virus receptors directly in thyroid tissue in patients newly diagnosed with AITD.

  • Describe the related immunological processes. 

Search for genetic factors, predisposing or modifying AITD.

Methods: Patients with thyroid disease will be recruited in early stage of the disease. In addition thyroid tissue from control patients will be obtained to define normal values. 

Design: Prospective controlled study. 

Patients: 10-40 in each group. Age 18-50. Control patients: N: 50

Thyroid biopsy procedure has been approved by the Norwegian Government’s Ethics Committee. Biopsies are taken as soon as the diagnosis is established. We plan to perform the following examinations:

  • Histology, electron microscopy and immunohistochemistry of thyroid tissue.

  • mRNA extraction and microarray screening analysis for viruses in tissue samples from the thyroid and virus verification by PCR , in situ hybridisation and immunochemistry.

  • Virus isolation from stool, blood samples, and thyroid biopsies. 

  • Sequencing of viruses found.

  • Gene expression analysis: “Whole genome” microarray analysis from thyroid tissue. 

Comparison with control group samples for identification of candidate susceptibility genes for thyroid disease.