Group description 

Late complications of type 1 diabetes.




The DIALONG study: A study of long-term survivors with more than 45 years of type 1 diabetes. A large clinical and biochemical study focusing on macrovascular disease, skin and joint complications and quality of life.

The study shows a high prevalence of undiagnosed coronary heart disease, adhesive capsulitis and shoulder arthrosis.

Kari Anne Sveen holds a post.doc on a study of low grade inflammation against AGEs and inflammatory response in atherosclerosis in diabetes in the DIALONG- and OSLO study in collaboration with Professor Jan Nilsson, Malmø.  

In collaboration with Valeriya Lyssenko and her group we analyze metabolomics, mRNA expression from biopsies and gene associations as part of the PROLONG study.

Tore Julsrud Berg is part of the steering committee of the ROSA 4 study (See report from “Diabetes and related health issues in primary care”). Kristina B. Slåtsve is working on her PhD project: “Prevalence and quality if diabetes care in Salten”.


Group members

Tore Julsrud Berg, MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Kristine B. Holte, MD, PhD student

Niels Gunnar Juel, MD, research fellow

Anne Karin Molvær, RN, PhD student

Kari Anne Sveen, MD, PhD, Scientia postdoc fellow

Kristina B. Slåtsve, MD, PhD student

Kristian F. Hanssen, MD, PhD Senior Professor