Diabetic Nephropathy

by Trond Jenssen Group

1. Posttransplant diabetes mellitus (PTDM). Occurrence, Pathogenesis, Risk factors, Follow-up and Treatment (Trond Jenssen).

2. Studies on endothelial function and dysfunction in posttransplant diabetes, and after normalization of glycemia with pancreas transplantation (Trond Jenssen and Svein Olav Kolset).

3. Beta cell replacement therapy (pancreas and islet transplantation).

     a. Long-term development of diabetic and non-diabetic complications (Trond Jenssen and Svein O. Kolset).

     b. Surgical and medical prerequisites for successful outcome of pancreas and islet graft function (Trond Jenssen, Rune Horneland and Hanne Scholz).

4. Metabolic risk factors for kidney graft and patient survival in renal transplant patients (Trond Jenssen).

5. Islet cell transplantation – optimalization of islet isolation, islet function and clinical outcome (Hanne Scholz).

6. Endogenous repair/regenerative medicine using the non-endocrine compartment of the pancreas (Hanne Scholz).

7. Use of adipose tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells in diabetes (Hanne Scholz).

8. Molecular changes in transplanted kidneys with emphasis on morphometry, basement membrane and proteoglycans (Svein O. Kolset).

9. Extracellular matrix changes due to hyperglycemia and inflammations in human endothelial cells (Svein O. Kolset).

At present (2016/2017) 6 PhD candidates are directly involved in the projects. The group published 27 papers in peer reviewed journals in 2016.