Childhood diabetes and diabetes epidemiology

by Geir Joner Group

1. Prediction of Autoimmune diabetes and celiac disease in childhood by Genes and perinatal Environment (PAGE):

Data and biological samples from The mother and child-study (Norwegian Institute of Public Health) linked to the Norwegian Childhood Diabetes registry to study the effect of genetic and non-genetic risk factors for t1d and celiac disease.


2. A population based epidemiological study of diabetes complications, mortality and cause of death in Norway 1956-2011:

Clinical and register-based follow-up of several cohorts of subjects with t1d from childhood for complications and death.


 3. Biomarkers for intrauterine environment and risk of childhood type 1 diabetes:

Data and biobank samples from 30000 pregnant women 1992-1994 linked to the Medical Birth Defect Registry of Norway and The Norwegian Childhood Diabetes Registry to study the effect of vitamin d-status and serum omega-3 fatty acids in pregnant women mothers on the risk of type 1 diabetes in the offspring.


4. Outcome of diabetes pregnancies:

A study of outcome of pregnancies in women with pregestational type 1 diabetes (intrauterine death, premature birth and malformations).