Cover picture and article in Diabetologia

coverfotoCover picture in October issue of the journal Diabetologia from the published article “LIGHT/TNFSF14 is increased in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and promotes islet cell dysfunction and endothelial cell inflammation in vitro” Collaboration study between members form the two groups (Birkeland and Jenssen) at Oslo Diabetes Research Center.

Bente Halvorsen et al. found increased plasma LIGHT levels in two cohorts of type 2 diabetes patients (Italian and Norwegian). By using in vitro approach with human islets and endothelial cells they also showed that LIGHT could be part of a pathogenic loop, promoting the progression of type 2 diabetes mellitus by impairing insulin secretion by islet cells and contributing to vascular inflammation.

The cover picture was created by Shadab Abadpour and Hanne Scholz. It shows an immunofluorescence micrograph of human pancreatic islet cells stained for insulin (green) and the two receptors for the TNF superfamily member LIGHT; lymphotoxin β receptor (LTβR; purple) and herpes virus entry mediator, HVEM (red). The lightning symbolises an inflammatory microenvironment.

One of the co-author of this paper, Afaf Sahraoui, defended her doctoral dissertation for the degree of Ph.d -“Targeting islet inflammation; the key to preventing beta-cell loss in islet transplantation“- on October 6th 2016.

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