New publications from the DiViD Study – Characterisation of insulitis and relation to age.

In the latest article – “Insulitis and characterisation of infiltrating T cells in surgical pancreatic tail resections from patients at onset of type 1 diabetes published in the journal Diabetologia – Lars Krogvold et al. found that insulitis and a significant reserve reservoir for insulin production were present in all six cases of recent-onset type 1 diabetes.

The DiViD team work together with a group at the University of Exeter Medical School, which for the first time found that, while children aged six or under are left with very few insulin-producing beta cells in their pancreas when diagnosed, those with onset of symptomatic type 1 diabetes as teenagers still retain large numbers of these cells. The paper, called “Differential insulitic profiles determine the extent of beta cell destruction and the age at onset of type 1 diabetes was published in the journal Diabetes.