Research seminar in Son, April 7-8 2016


Members of Oslo Diabetes Research Centre. Photo.

The annual research seminar of Oslo Diabetes Research Centre gathered researchers from ten different research groups in Son on April 7-8 2016.

Our researchers assembled to share their experiences in two days of lectures. Ongoing projects, unpublished data and research in progress were discussed.

















There were also talks from invited speakers. Martha Colban from the Department of Clinical Research Support gave a very informative talk on how her department can deliver service and support to research groups. Statistician Kathrine Frey Frøslie gave a convincing introduction to Bayesian statistics and Robert Lyle from the Norwegian Sequencing Centre gave an interesting introduction to sequencing.


Program – Research Seminar in Son April 7-8

April 7

12.45-13.30 – Lunch


Opening: Knut Dahl-Jørgensen


Hanne Løvdal Gulseth og Lars Christian Stene: Hvor mange har diabetes i Norge i dag ? – Oppdaterte data fra KUHR, NPR, og Rp registeret.


Martha Colban: Forskningssstøtte i OUS – hvordan kan vi bidra til kliniske studier?


Vibeke Gagnum: Cause of death in childhood onset Type 1 diabetes – long term follow-up.


Hildegunn Styve Borkamo:  Reduced incidence of severe hypoglycemia (SH) and changing trends in treatment of Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) in children the last 12 years in Norway – a nationwide study.

15.40-16.10 – Break


Line Wisting: Type 1 Diabetes and Disturbed Eating Behaviors – Comorbidity, Prevalence, Psychological Correlates and Metabolic Control.


Lars Krogvold: Latest news form the DiViD-study        


Kristine Bech Holte: The Dialong-study – preliminary data

17.10-17.20 – Break


Trine M. Reine: Increased levels of inflammatory mediators and proinflammatory monocytes in patients with type I diabetes mellitus and nephropathy.


German Tapia: Preliminary data on vitamin D and type 1 diabetes in the PAGE project.
 20.00 – Dinner

April 8


Kathrine F. Frøslie: Bayesiansk statistikk og medisin


Trond M Michelsen (for Maia B Holm): Amino acid transport to the fetus. The role of the placenta.


Ane Moe Holme: HDL as a major cholesterol carrier between the placenta and the fetus.


Christine Sommer: Ethnic differences in soluble leptin reseptor and association with gestational diabetes.

 10.30-11.00 – Break


Robert Lyle: Presentation of the Norwegian Sequencing Centre. New possibilitie


Gunn-Helen Moen: Planned genetic and epigenetic studies in STORK.


Line Sletner: Growth trajectories from birth to pre-school age in the Stork-Groruddalen cohort-preliminary findings.            

12.15- Lunch