New articles from the EU project Renewing Health – use of the smartphone application FTA

In summary, in the Norwegian pilot we have successfully conducted a low-intensity 1-year RCT to test a mobile diabetes self-management system, The Few Touch application (FTA) with and without health counseling for four months. Inclusion criteria were age ≥18 years, diagnosed with type 2 diabetes for a minimum of 3 months, HbA1c ≥ 7.1%, being able to use the system and answer the questionnaires in Norwegian. A total of 151 persons were included, mean age 57 years, HbA1c 8.2% and diabetes duration 10 years.

There were no significant differences in the change in the primary outcome HbA1c between the intervention groups and the control group after four months and after the 1-year intervention. The findings indicate however that selected aspects of self-management to some extent improve in the group that received the app FTA compared to the control group and the group receiving health counseling in addition to FTA. It also seems that age may not hinder the use of technology, but further research is needed to confirm these findings.

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