Annual Report 2013


Skjermbilde 2014-06-17 kl. 14.12.29Oslo Diabetes Research Center has a strong clinical basis and is the only center in Norway covering the whole life-span of diabetes, from the fetus, through childhood and adolescence, early and late adult life.

This life-course approach to diabetes attempts to capture the complex influence of factors operating at different points in life integrating both early-life and adult lifestyle models into a wider framework through an extensive collaboration between our ten established research group and their internal and external collaborators.

In the life-course perspective to diabetes we aim to assess how the effect of factors operating at different stages of life, from in utero to late adulthood, might accumulate and interact to determine development of diabetes and its complications later in life.

Our high aim is to contribute substantially to prevent diabetes – and in the meantime – its complications.

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