NEW PUBLICATION Is maternal age when delivering a baby important for the subsequent type 1 diabetes in the child ?

This is an important question as the age of first delivery of baby has increased with e.g.  2. 4 years in  Norway during the last 20 years, at a time when   the incidence of type 1 diabetes  has increased substantially. To answer this question, the authors from many european countries have pooled results from 30 observational studies  including 14724 cases of type 1 diabetes.

The study showed a small but significant linear increase in the risk of childhood type 1 with increasing maternal age. However, this only explained a very small percentage of the increase in childhood type 1 diabetes in Europe. It looks like there is no relationship between the father’s age and subsequent diabetes in the child.

Maternal age at birth and childhood type 1 diabetes: a pooled analysis of 30 observational studies.Cardwell CR, Stene LC, Joner G, Bulsara MK, Cinek O, Rosenbauer J, Ludvigsson J, Jané M, Svensson J, Goldacre MJ, Waldhoer T, Jarosz-Chobot P, Gimeno SG, Chuang LM, Parslow RC, Wadsworth EJ, Chetwynd A, Pozzilli P, Brigis G, Urbonaite B, Sipetic S, Schober E, Devoti G, Ionescu-Tirgoviste C, de Beaufort CE, Stoyanov D, Buschard K, Patterson CC. Diabetes. 2009 Oct 29. [Epub ahead of print]